The PROBLEMS: Monthly power bills, gas for your cars, global warming, carbon dioxide, high product costs, high food costs, high taxes, national debt, health care, social security, etc… Do we dare not to fix these?

The SOLUTION: A small wind turbine for residential and commercial use that will ACTUALLY generate enough energy to power up your (and everyone else’s) ALL electric homes and electric vehicles. After 5 – 6 years of making payments that are about the same as the power bills you are paying now, IT ALL GOES AWAY — IT’S FREE.

And decide how you can make BILLIONS, (YES, BILLIONS) of dollars on this MONOPOLY style opportunity. COMPETITIVE markets have paper-thin profit margins, MONOPOLY’S do not. They do not come around that often and this is one of them.

This patent, by the way, is the ONLY WAY it can be done. WE HAVE THE TORQUE AND THEY WILL COME.

YOUR PART: Optimize the engineering with production ready files, build the 1st full-size unit for real proof of concept. I will help all the way as I know all the details.

YOUR REWARD: Receive an EXCLUSIVE LICENSE and 95% of the profits.

MY REWARD: 5% royalties